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Music Services

You work hard on your musical creations. Don't let them fall short of the masterpieces they can be. Elevate your song or album with professional recording, mixing, or mastering. Get clean, streaming-ready recordings that stand out in playlists.


Capture your best performance in the highest quality with professional studio recording at one of our partner facilities: Waveform LLC in Batavia, IL or the Gretsch Recording Studio, in Elmhurst IL. Is your performance constrained to a specific space? Contact us about our location recording services.


Bring definition and clarity to your existing recordings with professional mixing. Home mixes are passable, but won't translate on all kinds of speakers. We create space and cohesiveness within every mix, making them sound great anywhere.


Take the final step in preparing your recordings for distribution with professional mastering. Do your mixes sound good? Add a final step of quality control with mix feedback before mastering, and get that final sparkle and glue to make your tracks stand out in playlists.

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